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a strong HOME

Rhino Materials is dedicated to provide you with beautiful and strong products for your home 

RHINO Luxurious Vinyl Tiles

RHINO Luxurious Vinyl Tiles LVT are made from the finest material to provide you with long lasting and beautiful floors for your home

Why Rhino Materials LVT?

Water Proof

fire proof.png

Fire Proof

scratch resistance.png

Scratch Resistance

Easy to clean.png

Easy to Clean

Easy to install.png

Easy to Install

texture embossing.png

Texture Emboss

anti bacterial.png

Anti Bacterial

mold free.png

Anti Mold

Termite proof.png

Termite Proof

Formaldehyde free.png

No Formaldehyde

anti skid.png

Anti Skid

sound absorbing.png

Sound Absorbing

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